PVC Fencing FAQs

DreamFencing is formulated from raw materials including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), UV inhibitors and impact modifiers. PVC is the main component in the manufacturing process of DreamFencing products.

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a chemical additive that acts as a sunscreen for DreamFencing. DreamFencing utilises impact modifiers as an important ingredient for all of its PVC products. These impact modifiers add just enough flexibility DreamFencing systems will flex under most impacts. Many fence styles are reinforced with rust-resistant steel inserts to assure strength and stability.

Polyvinyl chloride is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer, DreamFencing’s exclusive blend provides high-quality manufacturing for outdoor toughness.

DreamFencing products are manufactured in 4 colours: white, grey, tan, and wood effect.

Yes! DreamFencing cares about its customers. DreamFencing products are safe, even for the youngest members of your family. All of our PVC products have a smooth surface. There are no nails, sharp edges, or splinters.

Not only do our products hold up to regular property maintenance, but they're also made to bounce back on impact because they're reinforced with steel or aluminium inserts. It is wise, however, to be careful when using mowers, trimmers, or clippers along your fence line.

Yes! We do recommend that you contact your local council to verify.

DreamFencing products are safe and non-toxic. They do not contain lead or require the heavy metals and dangerous chemicals needed to treat and maintain wood. All products are environmentally safe, and because lumber isn't used (except the wood powder for the wood effect), trees are left standing. There aren't any chemicals used that might contaminate your yard, and our PVC doesn't break down when exposed to soil, groundwater, or the elements of nature.

DreamFencing’s smooth PVC surface discourages horses from chewing, leaning, and rubbing against the fence to scratch themselves.

DreamFencing PVC products have 5 times the tensile strength and 4 times the flexibility of wood. DreamFencing has improved its performance by making its systems even sturdier by adding cross-braces in gates, reinforced ribs in rails, and has increased the stability of its railing system with maintenance-free metal inserts.

This premium PVC has a high flash point of 900°F, so it doesn't ignite easily. If a flame is held to it, it will burn. But as soon as the flame is removed, the PVC will self-extinguish.

Our white PVC range does not fade. Discolouring in PVC products is due to the sun's ultraviolet rays. DreamFencing products contain an industry-leading titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is an extremely effective UV inhibitor. This TiO2 significantly slows the process of discolouration within the coloured PVC options.

All materials expand and contract with hot and cold temperatures. But impact modifiers act as an added safety measure, adding flexibility to our PVC so that it will give instead of crack or splinter like wood. Our products are designed to operate under normal home or horse owner conditions and will only crack under extreme circumstances.

All of our DreamFencing, railing systems, and garden accessories are designed to be maintenance-free and usually only require the occasional rinse with a garden hose. If more serious cleaning is necessary, a soft-bristled brush with detergent or even a mild bleach solution will do the trick. Cleaning products should always be tested on a hidden section of your product before using on exposed areas.

Basically, DreamFencing fences are installed just like wood fences. Most components are pre-cut and routed from the factory.

  1. Posts are secured to the ground with concrete footings.
  2. Rails are inserted into posts.
  3. And finally pickets into rails
  4. A properly installed DreamFencing fence is a strong, durable, lifetime fence.

Yes. In fact, DreamFencing offers a Lifetime Warranty. It is non-prorated and covers materials. Repair or replacement at the decision of DreamFencing. (Fair wear & tear excepted)

When you consider the costs incurred in regular staining, painting, or maintenance of a wood fence system, PVC is the most sensible and economical purchase. It is a one-time investment that will perform for a lifetime! PVC products have never been a more attractive purchase.

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